Revolutionizing Editing: Using AI To Streamline Writing Projects

Editing a 600,000 word transcript in a few days using Claude 3

Michael Snellen
3 min readApr 1, 2024
Catholic Creators

I discovered a method that can save hours during any editing process.

The Project

A Kentucky Holy Land book that features the highlights of all the primary texts, some written first-hand, all being now in the public domain but not of interest to a modern audience.

Manually and meticulously, I arranged sections from 5 entire books into ordered chapters, such as a chapter about the Dominicans in Kentucky. This particular chapter makes about 40 pages total, but the chronology is all out of order.

The Bigger Problem

This huge transcript is not only out of order, but formatted horrendously as it was copied over from scans of old books.

The sentences usually look like this (having spaces and typos): “This is an e5ample .”

The Question

Now this is a mountain of a task: put the transcript in order and format it properly.